The IT Miracle of Transylvania 2/3

VOQUZ IT Solutions presents the trilogy “The IT Miracle of Transylvania” (2/3)

We want to present you the trilogy of The IT Miracle of Transylvania 2/3

In the middle of 2015 the VOQUZ IT Solutions company decided to settle down in Cluj-Napoca and opened an office in the building called Liberty Technology Park. The Liberty Technology Park, a former famous manufacture of the ‘80s was converted into a big building of IT offices. The main reason was that many people in Transylvania speak very good German, which is an asset for German or Austrian IT projects. Further the city is famous for the very professional IT specialists living there.

Cluj-Napoca offers a high and sustainable quality of life

The IT industry is probably the industry that develops the fastest and in Cluj-Napoca are so many young IT specialists that are passionate about their IT jobs. The enthusiastic young specialists want to learn and develop themselves more and more. Some of the biggest innovations in the IT companies from Cluj come from motivated and very talented IT professionals. Also, even if it’s obvious, the costs of a city like Cluj-Napoca are still lower for IT companies than those in Western Europe. But not only for companies. The entire living costs like apartments, internet, leisuretime and even more are cheaper than Western Europe. There are daily direct flights to many countries from the Airport of Cluj-Napoca, so even traveling is easy to accomplish.

The VOQUZ office from Cluj was the first VOQUZ office outside the DACH region and the expectations were high. The company found in Cluj a very dynamic market, with plenty of talented people. Nowadays almost the whole development process of the software products by VOQUZ is being created by software developers from Cluj. Besides accomplishing development tasks, software developers are encouraged to communicate their suggestions and ideas regarding new features. The special thing about VOQUZ is that it takes all these ideas seriously and implements them. Moreover, the company offers trustworthy nearshoring services for its clients, based on a multitude of technologies and programming languages… (Part 3 follows)

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