The IT Miracle of Transylvania 3/3

VOQUZ IT Solutions presents the trilogy “The IT Miracle of Transylvania” (3/3)

We want to present you the trilogy of The IT Miracle of Transylvania 3/3

…One of our biggest clients, entrusted us a very important mainframe project, which we manage completely in Cluj-Napoca – our fast-growing nearshoring hub. One of our most talented mainframe developers working for this project says that:

Coming from VOQUZ IT Solutions neighbor, where I worked for a big Austrian insurance client – to join the project for an austrian Bank was an improvement from every point of view. What I appreciated since day one was the short communication lines and direct reporting. The company helps to create a pleasant atmosphere between me, the manager and the client and can transform a “grey” corporate environment into a colorful one.

The decisions are made between the 3 of us, maximizing the utility for all parties involved. Honesty & the straight-forward approach made the knowledge transfer and the on-boarding work like a breeze. It happened to me in the past to be unpleasantly surprised that the job description didn’t match the actual work. But here it wasn’t the case. This allowed me to be productive since day 1.

Fast forward, more than 1 year and a half in, the project is going well. Everybody is happy, feedback is flowing from all sides and helps the continuous improvement for which we all aspire.”

We are prepared to manage your IT project from our nearshoring hub in Cluj-Napoca, too! Get in touch with us!

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